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Serce Academy is a solution in education intended to instruct k-12 students the basics of robotics and software development.

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It is our pleasure to present you the world's greatest robotics and software development content.

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We always adapt the newest developments in technology; our content are updated every month.

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with robotics and software development

In Serce Academy, students enhance their skills to adapt the 21st century by learning programming and robotics.

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You can design artificial intelligent devices by using electronical equipment and microcontroller with the help of physical developing courses; you can develop software with programming courses; you can make designs in 3 dimensional with 3D design courses; you learn how to develop applications and build websites by taking courses specifically based on developing applications and websites. Do not worry where to begin, because we will guide you.

by Practice

You will be able to begin developing in a matter of time. It does not matter how experienced you are.


You will get correct results by comparing your project with other examples, also you will earn points as you complete your projects.


You can always observe how improved your skills are by looking at the badges you have earned. There are over 100 badges based on 12 different experience category. Once you accomplish all of the badges, you will be awarded with an accredited university-approved certificate.

Your Dreams

You can take your career development up to another level because there is an enormous demand in programming and it gets bigger and bigger each day.

Why Serce Academy


Serce Academy is updated and improved continuously with the feedback it receives from its users. You can continue your learning without stoping since the projects are always updated and the new ones are added.


Serce Academy is built with the experienced engineers, instructors, pedagogues and academic researchers; while being improved perpetually.


Serce Academy is always accessible. So that, if you encounter any problem during any of your classes, it will be solved. With our service in compatition guidance, you and your institude will be able to examine your development.

Robotics and programming have never been so easy!


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  • Serce Academy gives students the opportunity to catch up on the requirements of the 21st century by training them in robotics, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship; and I find it exquisite.

    Ulaş Kızıltuğ Education Specialist

  • The hardest part in programming is to construct the algorithm, instead of deciding which language or which functions will be used. I think it is a great opportunity for students to start learning the basics of programming at younger ages.

    Mustafa Aybakar CEO of Aybakar A.S.

  • Serce Academy is an innovator platform that combines the basic engineering skills with art elements.

    Tamer Yılmaz Art Lecturer

  • Serce Academy has achieved solving problems by its advanced teamwork structure.

    Zekeriya Bengier Scout Leader Instructor

  • Young soon-to-be engineers are going to learn to search what they wonder, learn as they practice, discover new inventions, improve their skills and then they will shape their future.

    Burak Önal Baskent University Engineering Department

  • Serce Academy is a taken significant step towards the future.

    Umur Darbaz System-on-Chip Architect NVIDIA

  • Serce Academy is a beneficial system for educating students on technological developments and teaching them how to use technology effectively.

    Prof. Hüsnü Dirikolu, phD Proffessor at Mechanical Department of Istanbul University

  • The curricula of Serce Academy aim to make students to be producers, instead of being consumers.

    Prof. Massoud Latifi Navid, phD CEO / Tulpar R&D

  • Serce Academy has become a significant platform to inform the children of technology era about how to be secured in cyber environments.

    Çağatay Parlak Security Specialist at Barikat Security

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